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The Orange Roamin´ Elks is a Lodge Camper Club that was established on July 6,1984. To be a member of the Orange Roamin´ Elks you must be a current member of a Southern California Elks Lodge. We have one camp out a month, usually on the 3rd weekend of the month and can travel up to 100 miles. We have "dark" months when there is no camping, currently during May, July, August, and December, subject to change.

Anyone may attend one camp out as a non-member to visit before joining the club. Our annual dues are $25.00, payable by March 1st of each year. Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the lodge room, unless otherwise specified. All guests are Welcome!!

We have one fund raiser a year at the lodge which is our Chili Cook-Off. This event is held on the last Sunday in the month of October. The Chili Cook-off has both Mild and Hot entries, with awards for First, Second and Third place handed out in both categories.

If you like to camp and have camaraderie with other Elks and campers, come join us once a month for a fun time and adventure. If you are interested in joining us contact one of our officers. They are President Terrie Schatz, Treasurer Jay Clapper, Wagon Master Sherri Bradley and Secretary Sandi Wallace, Officer phone numbers are available at the Lodge or write to Contact Info

Happy Trails,
Terrie Schatz
President Orange Roamin' Elks 2017-2018

Orange Peal Article October 2017

Finally got some relief from the heat and traveled down to Mission Bay RV Resort. Cool weather and the boats races made for a great time away.

Bob and Kathy Christian were the weekend hosts and, as always, made sure all had a good time. They cooked pulled pork sandwiches for the group on Saturday night. Kathy is a tremendous cook and boy were they yummy! As an added treat, Sherri Bradley fixed her famous Eggs Benedict on Saturday morning.

This month we said goodbye to one of our camper members. Tracy Vonada passed away and she will be missed. Our very best to her husband, Bryan.

Be sure to come to the camper Chili Cookoff on Sunday, October 29th

It is a great way to spend time with friends and family and help our local charities. Hope to see you there!

Pam Jung
Roamin' Elks Reporter

Upcoming Campouts and Activities
Oct. 13 & 14, 2017 Chula Vista
October 29, 2017 - Chili Cook-off - Orange Elks Lodge #1475
Nov. 10 & 11, 2017 Tucalotta Springs
Orange Roamin´ Elks Chili Cook-Off 2016

The Orange Roamin’ Elks had another successful Chili Cook-Off. The winners were:

Mild Hot
1st - Kathy Lavar 1st - Louisa Aceves
2nd - Danny Salas 2nd - Anna Valdez
3rd - Allen Caddell 3rd - Richard "Bombay Bob" Reed, PER
Chili Winners 2016
Orange Roamin´ Elks Chili Cook-Off 2007
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