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California-Hawaii Elks Association
Vice President for the Orange Coast District

David Seeley, AVPDavid (Dave) G. Seeley II, was born in Newport Beach, California on February 23, 1972. This was quite a surprise to his parents for February was two and a half months pre-mature. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, Dave attended Southern California College, (Vanguard University) in Costa Mesa, graduating with a degree in Sports Science and Physical Therapy. The therapy portion finds itself most useful in his dealings with his fellow Elks.

Having left California for Seattle, Washington, Dave tried out for the Seattle Mariners Organization and upon the MLB strike year, took a job doing electrical construction, waiting tables, assembly materials at a small start-up company called Microsoft and working at a large area gym. After three and a half years of drizzle and grey skies, it was time to come home.

Living roughly one mile from his childhood home, Dave lives in Huntington Beach, CA with his beautiful wife Karen. Between the two of them, they love and adore three beautiful children; Gabrielle, 28, who lives in Santa Monica, CA, Victoria, 24, who lives in Columbus, Ohio and Trey, who, at 14... lives in the refrigerator... Trey will be attending Edison High School in the fall, plays baseball, tackle football and Lacrosse.

Karen and Dave have been married for nine years and... year over year, never forget their anniversary as they always enjoy celebrating their anniversary at a convention (May 19th). They are active in their children's lives, have coached, served and continue to attend at all of Trey's games and school activities. Believing in the "Family First" rule of the Order, they enjoy their Elks family and the services the Order provides; while making sure that their family comes first. Together, they attend First Christian Church in Huntington Beach, enjoy trips to his mother's property in Seeley Lake, Montana and enjoy bike rides to the Legion in Newport and the Pier in Huntington Beach and... have been known to host an occasion or two in their 'Zero to Party in 40 Minutes' back yard.

Dave's Elk Membership started March, 1993, one month after turning 21. Like many 'sons of Elks' his father paid his dues while he was in college and getting his adult life underway. This, he is certain, was of great pleasure to his father, a Past Secretary of the Year and member for 42 years, 36 as a member of Huntington Beach Elks Lodge #1959 and his first 6 years as a member of the Westminster Lodge. (For a contribution to the purple pig, David may or may not be able to rustle up a picture of Mike in Beefeater tights!) as well as to Dave's Grandfather, David G. Seeley I, who was a member of his home lodge in Redford Township, MI #2097 from 1959 to 2000 when he passed away. Dave's family of Elks outside of the Orange Coast district in addition to his father and grandfather, includes two uncles, a cousin and an aunt. All serving the Order with membership well exceeding 100 years in Elkdom.

Like many, a slow starter, in 2008-2009, Dave was talked into getting off the bench and into a "big chair" by becoming Lecturing Knight; helped 'chair' a few committees, including Hoop Shoot and co-chaired Youth Activities. He and his new wife participated in many lodge activities as well as some around the district.

As Leading Knight in 2009-2010, Dave was awarded Officer of the Year. Under his wing of two time ER, Mr. Dave York, Dave was provided an opportunity to learn from some of the most caring and most tenured men in the building (and several PER's!). Many lodge activities had started to become staple in the Seeley household and with a full head of steam, Dave continued to move along.

In 2010-2011, Dave became Exalted Ruler to "The Son's of the Beaches" at Huntington Beach Lodge #1959. He and his officer Corp were 2011 District Ritual Champions, many earning 1st Place District Ritual Awards and all learning to enjoy the fun times that came along with a ritual win! Heading to State in Phoenix, Dave's team won 2011 State Ritual Contest, and Dave, again, took the All-State Exalted Ruler, Gerald Strohm Award for Most Impressive Exalted Ruler.

Since becoming a PER, Dave has been District Youth Activities Chairman, Americanism Chairman, Indoctrination Chairman and was lucky enough to to be given the opportunity to serve as the Esquire to the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Mr. Rick Blake and his lovely wife Kathy. Dave is active in his PER Association, as a Past President, is often, painfully behind the microphone to MC events like the Chili Cook-off and Car Show, the HB Elks Cinderella's Fashion Show, the Annual Crab Crack, chairs the very rambunctious Road House - BBQ and helps with the Wacky Night at the Races.

On Friday, May 20th, 2017, at the California Hawaii Elks Association 101st Convention in Anaheim, California, David was initiated as the Association Vice President for the Orange Coast District.

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