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California-Hawaii Elks Association
Vice President for the Orange Coast District

Scott Stephens, AVPScott Stephens, was born December 17, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan. Yes, he's another Motor City Madman. His 3 younger siblings were born in the Grand Haven area, where they continued to live, near the shores of Lake Michigan, for most of Scott's childhood. His father got a job up north, so the family moved and Scott went from a class of 500 classmates in 9th grade, to 38 his Sophomore year. Needless to say, after graduating in 1979, he immediately moved back down state to attend school. 3 years later he followed a college girl, he'd been dating for 6 months, back to her home in California. The plan was to be a Rock star, and you all see how well that worked out.

After bouncing around odd jobs, he decided to get his Real Estate license in 1994. Scott has been in real estate management & training, yet he always goes back to what he loves...working with buyers & sellers.

Mary Kay picked Scott up on the beach in 1985. Of course, he looked a lot better in Dolphin shorts back then. They married 2 years & 2 months later, and after a few moves north and east from their original stomping grounds of Sunset Beach, they finally settling in Fullerton 18 years ago. Along the way, they had 2 wonderful children, who both grew up with lots of Grandma & Grandpa Elks. Blake Stephens is now 26, and after an honorable discharge from the Army, he's now attending college, for Internet Security. Kendall Marie Stephens stole many hearts as she sang, acted and danced her way through many lodges in the district. She's be furthering her education toward a degree in Music Therapy, @ Arizona State this fall.

Scott's volunteering began while in Anaheim, where he painted homes for the elderly, cleaned up graffiti & served as a liaison to the city council. He was awarded a commendation by the Mayor & city council for his volunteering. Then Scott was sponsored into the Fullerton Elks, by Steve Vartanian, 22 years ago. He volunteered & chaired many events & programs, and Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Mike Mathers suckered him into a few others. When he joined the Officer Corp. his new-found love, became the Ritual. A great respect for this fabulous tradition was beat into him by Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Tom Conlon (who was his coach for many years). Scott ended up with 6 First Place Ritual Trophies (including one at State), he attained his Floor Judge's certification as a Jr. PER and served as a judge for many years. For the past several years he has been Fullerton's coach. Throughout his Elk career, Scott has received many awards and accommodations for service, including Elk of the Year and Officer of the Year.

In addition to Judging, Scott served on the District Veterans Committee for 2 years and has been one of the top Elks National Foundation Chairmen in the country for the past 3 years. He served as Photographer to Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers Tom Conlon & Mike Mathers and for Past State President, Art Echternacht at his CHEA Convention. Scott was also asked to serve as Esquire to Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Harvey Boelts. Scott and Mary Kay were especially proud to be able to help Harvey and Betty throughout their difficult year.

At the California Hawaii Elks Association convention, in Palm Springs, May 19th, he was sworn in as the Vice President for the Orange Coast District. And he continues to be...


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