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R.C. "Stoney" Bourke
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler
Orange Coast District, 2017-2018

Stoney Bourke, DDGERR.C. "Stoney" Bourke was born in Chelsea, Mass on October 2, 1944. Stoney is an only child with 9 half brothers and sisters. His parents were divorced when he was 2 and he was relocated to Topeka, Kansas with his father and later moved to Wichita, Kansas. During his early years, he was raised by a couple different stepmoms.

At the age of 17, Stoney dropped out of high school and picked up odd jobs here and there until the age of twenty at which time he decided he needed to do something productive with his life. In August 1964, he joined the Marine Corps. After boot camp, he was sent to Quantico, VA, where he was schooled and educated in the art of handling ammunition.

Stoney served in Vietnam in 1965 & 1966, assisting in the setting up of many of the ammo dumps in south Vietnam which were subsequently blown up in 1967 & 1968. He completed his high school GED in 1966 while serving in Vietnam, returned to the states and finished his tour stationed on Coronado Island in San Diego, CA where he drove for the Commander of the First Fleet and served in the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Oklahoma City. He was Honorably discharged in August 1968.

Stoney received his AA degree from Fullerton Jr College and completed his BSM from Pepperdine in 1986. He held many management positions in his working career, from building computers in the early 70's to finishing his career working on the "International Space Station" and eventually retired from Boeing in 2003.

Stoney has 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. His passion is RV'ing and riding the Harley.

Stoney is a twenty-four year member of Orange Lodge. He immediately got involved in many areas and served as Esteemed Loyal Knight, Esteemed Lecturing Knight, and Exalted Ruler of Orange Lodge for the year 2003-2004. He served as PER Association President for two years, Christmas Basket Chairman for five years, Business Practices Chairman for three years, lodge Auditing Committee Chairman for three years, Elks Training Chairman for three years and is still helping on various committees when needed. Stoney also served on the lodge By-Laws committee. Stoney then went on to serve as the District Elks National Foundation Chairman for two years, Business Practices Chairman for four years and Auditor to the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for three years. Stoney served as the Esquire to District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler David Skelton for the year 2013-2014.

Stoney served as Association Vice President for the Orange Coast district for the year 2015-2016. Following his term as Association Vice President Stoney served as District Americanism Chairman. On July 19, 2017 at the Elks National Convention in Reno, NV. Stoney was sworn in as the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for the Orange Coast District for 2017-2018.

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