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Doug Wells
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PostIcon Posted on: Jun. 09 2020,7:01 pm   Ignore posts   QUOTE

Orange Elks Lodge
New Procedures & Re-Opening Requirements

Prep Cleaning
1. All rooms will be cleaned and sanitized.
2. Elevator and stairwells will be cleaned and sanitized.
3. All carpets have been cleaned.
4. All floors will be mopped.
5. All bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized.
1. Masks will be provided for all employees.
2. Gloves will be provided for all employees.
3. We will not be providing masks or gloves to members. The cost is too high.
4. Sanitizing dispensers will be at the entry to the Lodge building, and at the entries to the second and third floors.
Front Door
1. Members must bring and wear their own masks.
2. Every member, employee, and worker must have their temperature taken. A reading of 99.7 and below will be required to enter the lodge. A reading of 99.8 and higher will be turned away.
3. Everyone must sign in at the desk inside the front door. All membership cards will be checked, and they must be a 2020-2021 Membership Card.
4. Sanitized pens will be provided to use for signing in. They will be placed into a basket for used pens, and later disinfected.
5. Only members and their immediate family, as well as associate members from other Elks Lodges, will be admitted.

1. Social distancing requirements must be followed in our elevator. It is only safe for 2 persons to ride the elevator, unless there are immediate family members riding with you that also live with you.
2. The elevator will be sanitized on a regular basis.
Banquet Room
1. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we cannot sell alcohol without selling food on the same bill, at this time.
2. The occupancy of our banquet room is based upon the restrictions of social distancing. The occupancy of our room will be 76 persons.
3. The Officer on Duty will escort you to your seat(s). Masks need to be kept on until seated. If you need to use the restroom, then you need to wear your mask until you are seated at your table again.
4. All tables will be placed 6 feet apart from each other.
5. The Officer on Duty will ensure safe distancing at all times. You will need to stay in your seat except when using the restroom.
6. No one can approach the bar. The servers will take your order and bring it to you.
7. Self-serving water stations will be removed. Water will be served upon request by your server.
8. Only employees will be allowed in the kitchen.
9. Packages of condiments will be available upon request by your server.  Plastic utensils, paper napkins, and disposable plates will be used.
10. Servers will dispose of all table items when the meal is finished.
11. No games of any kind are allowed at this time.
12. Tables will be sanitized in between diners.
13. Chairs will be sanitized at the end of the evening.
14. Air filters will be running for good air circulation.

1. Only 1 person will be allowed into each restroom at a time.
2. There will be an “X” taped on the carpet in front of the restroom hallway where you may wait. Only one person may wait on the “X” at a time. Please wait until the “X” is free before you walk to the restroom.
3. The Officer on Duty will monitor the safe distancing restrictions of the restrooms.
4. The restrooms will be monitored for cleanliness.

Have a great ! :good

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