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Since its beginning in 1923, including our present leader Jorge "JC" Cortez, ninety eight individuals have served as Exalted Ruler of Orange Lodge, three of them, Harold P. Johnson, Charles E. See, and Robert Genelle having served twice as ER of Orange Lodge, and two having served as ERs of other Lodges before transferring to Orange - Craig Coleman served as ER of Newport Harbor Lodge and John Stone served as ER of Long Beach Lodge. It would not be amiss to state that the growth and continued existence of our Lodge is greatly due to the dedication of those who gave so much of their time and efforts in service to the Lodge. Of our ninety seven Past Exalted Rulers, sixty six of them have passed on.

Our first Exalted Ruler, A. L. (Al) Tomblin, served Orange as Fire Chief from 1919 to 1951. During his tenure, the fire department made the transition from volunteer to paid firemen. Until the last few months of his life, he was a faithful attendant at Lodge meetings. He died in June of 1970 at 88 years of age.

Twelve of our Past Exalted Rulers have served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers. They have been: Williard Smith, Jr., 1950-51, Oscar Stutheit, 1955-56, Robert Buchheim, 1960-61, Russell Tanner, 1966-67, Elmer Wolff, 1974-75, Michael F. Leintz, 1996-97, John Stone, 2006-07, Robert Genelle, 2009-10, Harvey Boelts, 2015-16, R.C "Stoney" Bourke, 2017-2018, Jackielynn Defries, 2021-22 and Oscar Garza, 2022-23.

In the history of Orange Lodge, nine of our Past Exalted Rulers have served as Vice Presidents in the State Association. Stanley V. Mansur served in the early thirties, Elmer Wolff, 1973-74, Michael F. Leintz, 1993-94, John Stone, 2003-04, Robert Genelle, 2007-08, Harvey Boelts, 2013-14, R.C. "Stoney" Bourke, 2015-16, JackieLynn DeFries, 2019-20 and Oscar Garza, 2020-21.

Some interesting sidelights on our Past Exalted Rulers: The youngest Exalted Ruler in his term of office was Grant Goddicksen, 1937-38 who was 28 years old. Next youngest was Jerry Ralston, 1971-72 who was 29. Our third youngest Exalted Ruler was Robert Buchheim, 1952-53, who was 34.

The first woman to serve as Exalted Ruler was Donnal Hunt in 2004-2005. Donnal joined the officer ranks as Esteemed Lecturing Knight in 2001 and was a member of the district ritual championship team in 2002.

Of all our past Exalted Rulers, one stands out from the rest: Oscar W. Stutheit. Oscar was born October 15, 1907 in Villa Park, California. He was initiated into Orange Lodge No. 1475 on December 13, 1939 by Bill Hirstein, Exalted Ruler, having been was proposed by Dr. J. E. Riley. Oscar was a butcher and owned Southside Market in Orange, and Hillside Meats in Santa Ana.

On April 2, 1947, Oscar was installed as Exalted Ruler of our Lodge, and later served a five year term as Trustee.

Oscar began his service outside his Lodge serving as District Ritual Chairman from 1951 to 1952. Through the years he judged Ritual Competition in California, Nevada, and Arizona. He was also a member of the original group setting the standards for our Grand Lodge Ritual Contest.

In 1953 and 1954 Oscar served two years as a member of the Board of Trustees for the California Elks Association. He was appointed District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for the area encompassing Orange and San Diego Counties (fifteen lodges) for 1955-1956, to the Grand Lodge State Association Committee for 1956-1957, and made an Honorary Life Member of Orange Lodge April 9,1958.

Oscar served from 1960 until 1967 on the CHEA Major Project Committee, the first individual to be appointed who was not a past state president. Oscar started the Pre-School Vision Program at this time, which continues today, helping thousands and thousands of children throughout California and Hawaii.

In 1976 Oscar was named "Man of the Year" for 1975-1976 by the State Association. In 1978 he was elected as Grand Inner Guard for our great order, the first Grand Lodge Officer from Orange Lodge. Oscar was singled out as Honorary State President in 1988.

For over twenty years, until retiring in 1996, Oscar served as District Leader for the Orange Coast District, being ably assisted by his close friend Dr. Robert Robb from Garden Grove Lodge No. 1952.

In addition to Oscar's involvement in Elkdom, he was a member of the 20-30 Club, the Orange Lion's Club, and the Orange Rotary. Oscar served three years as a Trustee for Orange High School, and was Chairman of the City of Orange Recreation Commission for five years.

Oscar died March 18, 1996 in Orange, California.

2023-24 Janine Storm
2022-23 Roslyn Peggins
2021-22 T Paul Pelasky
2020-21 T Danny Salas
2019-20 Kealoha Arelliano
2018-19 Stephanie Logan
2017-18 Thomas Roberton Jr
2016-17 Walt McBride
2015-16 Stephanie Fitzpatrick
2014-15 T Phil Moore
2013-14 Colin Smith
2012-13 * Mary Higdon
2011-12 T Oscar Garza, DDGER
2010-11 T John Stone, PDDGER
2009-10 Rick Hatch
2008-09 Mark Walker
2007-08 JackieLynn DeFries, PDDGER
2006-07 Craig Coleman
2005-06 Tim Gillespie
2004-05 Donnal Hunt
2003-04 Richard Bourke, PDDGER
2002-03 T George
Van de Langeryt
2001-02 * Larry Castillo
2000-01 Tom Bearce
1999-00 Richard Reed
1998-99 Jim Lockridge
1997-98 T Jim Manning
1996-97 * Gayle Woods
1995-96 Bob Christian
1994-95 David Pendleton
1993-94 * Wayne Borlaug
1992-93 Richard Dunn
1991-92 * Michael F. Leintz, PDDGER
1990-91 * Dick Arend
1989-90 * Don Blackman
1988-89 * Robert Genelle, PDDGER
1987-88 * Robert L. Williams
1986-87 * Robert Genelle, PDDGER
1985-86 * Charles E. See
1984-85 * Richard Goerke
1983-84 * Charles E. See
1982-83 * George Williams
1981-82 * John L. Milby
1980-81 * Marlin Dustin
1979-80 * Chuck Bickel
1978-79 * Eli Point
1977-78 * Ron Moeller
1976-77 * Dan Bradford
1975-76 *T Gene Opferman
1974-75 * Chuck Clemmer
1973-74 * L. Art Wells
1972-73 * D. L. Schlobohm
1971-72 Jerry L. Ralston
1970-71 * Raoul Saez, Jr.
1969-70 * Robert J. Corcoran
1968-69 * George McIntyre
1967-68 * Gene L. Pleines
1966-67 * Jake W. Ezell
1965-66 T Joseph E. Koontz
1964-65 * Elmer Wolff, PDDGER
1963-64 T Robert M. Tunstall
1962-63 * Gerald C. Stauffer
1961-62 * Fred L. Bowden
1960-61 * James E. Donegan
1959-60 T* Earl Anderson
1958-59 * Tom Wood
1957-58 * Odis Anderson
1956-57 T* Russell E. Tanner, PDDGER
1955-56 * Lloyd K. Benson
1954-55 * Arthur W. Sanderlin
1953-54 * Orley O. Wright
1952-53 * Robert F. Buchheim, PDDGER
1951-52 * Harold P. Johnson
1950-51 * Charles E. Morgan
1949-50 *T Arthur H. Meyer
1948-49 * Williard Smith, Jr., PDDGER
1947-48 * Oscar Stutheit, PDDGER, PGIG, HPSP
1946-47 * Carl A. Opp
1945-46 * Wesley Davis
1944-45 * Harold P. Johnson
1943-44 * Martell E. Thompson
1942-43 * Robert W. Cruzon
1941-42 * Fred N. McCandless
1940-41 * Earl C. Hobbs
1939-40 * Wm. M. Hirstain
1938-39 * Burhl R. Wing
1937-38 * Grant W. Goddicksen
1936-37 * Otto E. Linnert
1935-36 * Charles E. Fenton
1934-35 * H. R. Perkins
1933-34 * Frank V. Maroney
1932-33 * Loren G. Moore
1931-32 * Otto M. Rodieck
1930-31 * Byron J. Fletcher
1929-30 * Wm. G. Hagen
1928-29 * A. D. Burkett
1927-28 * Stanley Mansur, PSVP
1926-27 * C. E. Dickey
1925-26 * Albert Rohrs
1924-25 * A. L. Tomblin
* Deceased
T Transferred
2012-13   Edwin Shull
2007-08   Todd Parris
2010-11   Wayne Nowakowski
2006-07   Vivian O. Shull
1998-99 Leland Hill
2009-10 * James Rutherford
2005-06 Harvey Boelts, PDDGER
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