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Orange Elks
April Dinner Menu

Tuesday, April 2
Meal Deal

Wednesday, April 3
Italian Dinner

Thursday, April 4
Burger Night

Friday, April 5
Fish Fry

Saturday, April 6
Hot Dogs & Chili

Sunday, April 7
Louis Ochoa Breakfast

Monday, April 8
Emblem Dinner
Baked Ziti w/Sausage, Salad & Garlic Bread

Wednesday, April 10
Pulled Pork

Thursday, April 11
Burger Night

Friday, April 12
Inagural Ball

Saturday, April 13
Hot Dogs & Chili

Tuesday, April 16
Three Tue Kitchen Crew

Wednesday, April 17
BBQ Sliders w/Coleslaw & Chips

Thursday, April 18
Burger Night

Friday, April 19
Steak Dinner

Saturday, April 20
Hot Dogs & Chili

Sunday, April 21
Carshow & Veteran's Fundraiser Brunch

Wednesday, April 24
$10 Honey Jalapeno Chicken & Rice

Thursday, April 25
Burger Night

Friday, April 26
Early Bird Dinner

Saturday, April 27
Hot Dogs & Chili


For Food Service Questions...
See Julie Brown

Wednesday Night Kitchen Crew

Wednesday Night Kitchen Crew
Meal Deals
Fish Fry
Steak Night
Three Tue Kitchen Crew
Bar Menu
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